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From automating tasks, simplifying workflows, and more, InConn’s IIOT Solutions is designed to be your digital twin!

Enterprise MSME

Strengthening Enterprises
With A Streamlined Workflow

Our intuitive, comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management platform enables you to unlock the full power of automation with mobility. Get actionable insights to enhance safety, increase productivity, and improve energy efficiency.

We help you redefine success with the following: 

Consolidate all assets

Standardize all processes connected to the asset – maintenance, housekeeping, audits, inspections, and compliance

Regulate and optimizes the task-level workforce

Track asset utilization, energy consumption, 
maintenance costs

Small Steps, Big Impact:

Supercharge SMB Growth With IIoT

Our comprehensive IIoT platform offers limitless possibilities. It also helps you monitor, control, and optimize energy usage with real-time insights and automation. We handle the hardware and application requirements to implement our IIoT-based platform.

We help you unlock the full potential of your assets with the following:

From procurement to decommissioning and disposal, we ensure seamless lifecycle management of your assets

Transform your energy management practices, uncover hidden wastage, and optimize consumption

Our state-of-the-art, cloud-based IIoT platform transforms raw data into actionable insights

We Are Inconn

transform Your business 
with sharp Asset Insights

Our IIoT-powered Asset Intelligence & Management platform ensures operational efficiency meets state-of-the-art technology.

This synergy can extend asset lifespan by an impressive 30 to 50%, leading to substantial cost savings and conservation of resources. Elevate your business by embracing optimized operations and resources, boosting productivity, and gaining comprehensive business value.

Created for all industries

Adapt to thrive:
mitigate workflow challenges

With rich experience in the IT industry, we understand the challenges in managing and maintaining business assets and operations with traditional asset management platforms. Our end-to-end solution helps you organize your assets, streamline your workflows and mitigate the following challenges:

Lack of standardization across your asset management processes

Absence of transparent actionable data for informed decision making

Unavailability of real-time monitoring and delayed responses lead to increased downtimes

No accurate methodology to benchmark operational
efficacy in TCO and consumption

Propel your business Forward with optimized operations

We enable you to assume control over vital operational performance by gaining insights that help your operations become productive and efficient.

As a comprehensive solution, Inconn offers all the essential components for optimizing operations and maintenance, fostering a more intelligent and secure asset ecosystem. Additionally, our IIoT-based platform helps you leverage the full potential of your assets.

20 +
20 +
Licensed Users
20 +
Assets Managed in Real time
20 K+
Work Orders Generated

Our Strengths

Tailored brilliance with 

our dynamic offerings

From startups to industry leaders, we partner with various organizations, accompanying them on their growth journey. We focus on nurturing excellence with a core objective of optimizing operational efficiency through streamlined automation, making every process simpler and more effective.

Our dynamic offerings include the following:

Real-time Asset

Smart Building 

Industrial IoT

Smart Energy 

Risk Management

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Being Conscious

Pioneering sustainability
in action

We help you embark on a sustainable future
like a true leader.

Contribute toward conserving the environment while saving a significant amount on your energy bills. Evaluate the impact of your energy efficiency initiatives with our real-time energy efficiency monitoring, savings tracking, ROI analysis, and reporting. We help you lower your carbon emissions substantially, putting you into the elite group of users who comply with the Green Check List, thus increasing the value of your business/property.

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